Job Alerts

You really need to know of the new jobs the moment they are posted and the best way to do this is by setting up job alerts.

To set them up log in to you account and you will go through main admin area.

main admin

Job Seeker Main Admin Area

You can see the link to the job alerts admin in the top right corner of your job seeker main admin area.  Click on this.


Job Alerts Admin Area

This is the admin area for all your job alerts. You have have as many as you want.  To add a job alert click on the ‘Add New Job Alert’ text on the left hand side.


Setting Up A New Job Alerts

Now you are on the set up page for a new job alert. This form is self explanatory. My advice though is to be vague while using it.  Leave out the salary and employment type and just focus on key words and occupation.  You won’t end up with a million emails as they all end up being listed in one email which you can scan through and find the jobs that you want to apply for!

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